Schedule program for streaming platforms in a snap

Populate streaming platforms based on rules and schedule broadcast periods for all types of VOD offerings, such as A-VOD, S-VOD, and T-VOD. You can also define playout formats, prices, and window types. Use highlight scheduling to allocate popular and limited slots on the home page of a VOD platform. To make your planning more efficient, you can analyze call-up figures at any time.

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Friendly user interface with intuitive operation

Linked workflow for optimal streaming planning

Integrated monitoring and reporting

Easy single and mass window installation

Easy management and scheduling

Easy management and scheduling

  • Clear representation of the entire content
  • Quick overview of available licenses, window platforms and nonlinear content
  • Edit licenses and availabilities in the blink of an eye
  • Direct access to all platforms, channels, quotas, schedules, and much more
  • Availability interfaces
Filter functions for faster work

Filter functions for faster work

  • Extensive selection of different filter conditions
  • Search for active licenses to schedule content faster
  • Instant viewing of platforms and valid license periods
Rule-based creation of windows

Rule-based creation of windows

  • Automated creation of catchup windows, series stacking, etc.
  • Ordering of nonlinear content through window creation with different window types based on stored rules
Highlight planning for different topics

Highlight planning for different topics

  • Place content in a platform-specific manner with the support of highlight planning
  • Increase utilization of content to optimize planning in the best possible way
  • Planning of individual titles or bundles (e.g. series) in different highlight categories
  • VOD elements are clearly stored in respective monthly folders
Integrated monitoring and reporting

Integrated monitoring and reporting

  • Call-up figures can be analyzed at any time for more efficient planning
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views possible
  • Filter function allows graphical analysis according to various conditions
  • Over 30 filter functions available for detailed and individual analysis
  • Figures are presented in graphical and understandable bar charts

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Who is VOD suitable for?

Our VOD app is suitable for anyone who wants to schedule their nonlinear content quickly and flexibly for different VOD platforms.

Do you offer the VOD app as software as a service?

Yes, with the support of our central CreateCtrl Cloud AWS, you can easily use all our apps as SaaS.

What other apps can help me with the planning process?

Use our Content app for metadata management. Use Assets to easily manage your materials and License App to keep track of contracts and licenses.

Which interfaces is VOD compatible with?

Our VOD app is compatible with the Swisscom VOD Export interface. There are also a variety of Connect interfaces, such as Amazon, Apple, Telekom, Vodafone and many more.

How many users can work in VOD at the same time?

Any number of users can work in the VOD app at the same time.

Which platforms can be used with the VOD app?

You can decide which platforms you want to record with VOD. Our app is designed to meet individual customer requirements.