Expand your program schedule with events and theme weeks

Teamer offers different planning calendars for important events related to your content. From theme weeks to internal events in the company. Teamer allows you to easily share information between departments. With Teamer you can share important topics with colleagues or departments - simply collaboratively.

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Clear and descriptive representation of important events

Collaborative work possible

Intuitive user interface with drag and drop

Cross-team event planning

Cross-team event planning

  • Plan, create, and manage key projects, topics, and events
  • Prepare events for specific planning channels
  • Choice of different types of events
Easy-to-use event calendar

Easy-to-use event calendar

  • Easily move events that have no linear planning reference
  • Time length of events can be conveniently shortened or lengthened by dragging them
  • Copying of event information to reuse it in other programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, etc.
Customize the information displayed

Customize the information displayed

  • Specify which information should be displayed for different event types
  • Visual support for configuring information to be displayed
  • In addition to text displays, icons can also be selected for some categories

These apps are suitable with Teamer

Complete your planning workflow with our two apps Programmer and Planner.

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Linear program planning

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Daily broadcast planning

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Who is Teamer suitable for?

Teamer is great for anyone who wants to plan important events around their program inventory and needs an easy way to share information with their departments.

What types of events can I schedule in Teamer?

Teamer can be used to prepare events for projects, linear slots, and time-related events. There are several types of events available to you.

Do you offer the Teamer app as software as a service?

Yes, with the support of our central CreateCtrl Cloud AWS, you can easily use all our apps as SaaS.

What other apps can help me with the planning process?

Use both our Programmer and Planner apps to help you with your program and broadcast planning. Furthermore, Topics helps you plan, manage and cross-media publish all your topics.

How many users can work in Teamer at the same time?

Any number of users can work in the Teamer app at the same time.

With which interfaces is Teamer compatible?

Teamer is compatible with the following apps:
- Programmer
- Forecast
- Topics