Age rating for your content

The Shield app is an intelligent software solution for the protection of minors. With Shield, you can quickly and easily classify age ratings for your content. The reusable and country-specific matrices allow you a high degree of flexibility, as you can adapt your classification to the different regulations of the respective countries. Also, generate clear screening reports and communicate them directly to reviewing bodies.

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Simple and intuitive operation

Voice control possible

Integrated video player

Content viewing

Content viewing

  • Drag-and-drop to select content from media library for screening
  • Integrated video player allows you to view and capture scenes relevant to youth protection at any time
  • Easily pause, stop, and resume screening
  • Identified scenes are saved in descriptive annotations including screenshots and timecodes
Setting annotations

Setting annotations

  • Annotations for relevant scenes can be set either manually or by voice control
  • Definition of own and individual abbreviations for different categories (e.g. "F" for fear scenes, "S" for sex scenes, etc.)
  • Enables faster and more efficient work
  • High level of clarity via set parental control parameters
Automatic calculation of age rating

Automatic calculation of age rating

  • One-time setting of test criteria for your evaluation
  • Automatic evaluation based on the stored parental control matrices with high reusability for your programs to be screened
  • Age classification systems can be self-configured for each country and purpose
  • Use of preconfigured parental control matrices or purchase of matrices from other customers possible
Generate screening protocols

Generate screening protocols

  • Easily generate a detailed screening report with relevant timecodes and screenshots
  • Report is generated using predefined phrases that suggest an age rating
  • Age rating can be adjusted at any time
  • Report can be exported to PDF, DOC, and XML formats
  • Report can be forwarded to testing agencies for further review

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Who is Shield suitable for?

Shield is for anyone who wants to classify content relevant to minors quickly and easily and minimize time-consuming and repetitive routines during the classification process.

How do I obtain age ratings?

To obtain age ratings, you create a one-time matrix with review criteria for your evaluation by points. This allows you to screen your content in a relaxed and effortless manner. In fact, this matrix is used during screening to classify your content in a standardized way according to the given rules.

Do you offer the Shield app as software as a service?

Yes, with the support of our central CreateCtrl Cloud AWS, you can easily use all our apps as SaaS.

What other apps can help me with the planning process?

Use our Content app for metadata management. Our App Programmer will help you with your program planning, and Assets will let you put all your assets in one place in no time.

How many users can work in Shield at the same time?

Any number of users can work in Shield at the same time.

What interfaces is Shield compatible with?

Shield is compatible with the FSF (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen).