CreateCtrl and AWS

CreateCtrl is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and can therefore optimally support you in getting the most out of AWS and accelerate your migration to the cloud.

The core applications, such as the CreateCtrl Web Apps, run in the AWS Cloud and are hosted in the AWS data center in Frankfurt on the Main. This ensures very high security standards and also complies with European data protection regulations.

Less costs
You have no expenses for the operation and maintenance of your own data center or your own server infrastructure
Larger storage space or more AWS resources can be booked if required
Stability and redundancy
The AWS Cloud is constantly being optimized and your data is stored redundantly
Current security updates are continuously installed, and the security standards are checked
The AWS Cloud is regularly expanded to include additional services that we use to constantly optimize our apps

Faster Assesment of Scenes for Youth Protecion with AWS Rekognition and Shield Web App

Assessing film and series for offensive or inappropriate material can often be tedious and very time-consuming. With our Shield App, fast and easy detection of material relevant to protection of minors is possible. Even better, we're now partnering with AWS, using AWS Rekognition as a prescreening tool within Shield.

The content is automatically assessed and flagged by artificial intelligence technology. AWS Rekognition uses a two-level categorization to flag sensitive content. Each top-level category has several second-level categories. AWS categorization can easily be linked with Shield App categorization.

A selection of AWS categories:

Top Level category

Second Level category

Explicit nudity


Graphic male nudity

Graphic female nudity

Sexual activity

Illustrated explicit nudity

Adult toys



Drug consumption

Drug consumption utilities



Alcohol consumption

Alcoholic drinks

AWS Rekognition automatically pre-assesses approximately 1-5% of total content without any effort to reviewers,saving time and money.

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