Manage your materials and metadata easily

Manage your materials quickly and easily! With our web-based Assets app, you can access all your assets such as videos, audio files, or images from one place. Either in our cloud storage AWS, on a local server or MAM system. Effortlessly schedule ad breaks for your content and set markers to create edit positions before passing playlists to the playout system.

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Intuitive operation

Frame accurate cutting positions

Powerful search of materials

Assets accessible anytime, anywhere

Upload assets

Upload assets

  • Data can be uploaded and managed from anywhere
  • Simultaneous upload of multiple assets
  • Via our secure cloud storage AWS or a local server
Integrated video player

Integrated video player

  • Powerful search enables quick retrieval of videos from the media library
  • Integrated and modern HTML5 video player
  • Direct display of edit position when viewing video assets
Segmentation of assets for advertising

Segmentation of assets for advertising

  • Effortlessly schedule commercial breaks for your content
  • Set frame-accurate cut positions and define IN and OUT markers
  • Easily manage multiple ad cuts


Complete your planning workflow with our applications Content, Shield and Programmer.

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Manage content and metadata

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Who is Assets suitable for?

Assets is suitable for anyone who wants to store and manage all their assets such as videos, images, or audio files in one place.

What features are available to me in Assets?

In addition to uploading and managing assets, you can also effortlessly schedule commercial breaks for your content. The integrated ad cut feature allows you to easily edit your ad cut. In addition, you can add content-oriented markers (e.g., for parental control information) to your content.

Do you offer the Assets app as software as a service?

Yes, with the support of our central CreateCtrl Cloud AWS, you can easily use all our apps as SaaS.

Where will my assets be uploaded?

The Assets App is part of our SaaS product portfolio, and all uploaded media is uploaded to the CreateCtrl Cloud.

What other apps can help me with the planning process?

Use our Content app for metadata management. Our App Programmer will help you with your program planning and Shield can be used to classify content relevant to minors.

How many users can work in assets at the same time?

Any number of users can work in Assets at the same time.

What interfaces is Assets compatible with?

For uploading assets, various MAM systems can be integrated or URLs to service interfaces can be stored.