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Clever Youth Protection
Calculate age ratings based on your annotations.


Shelter minors

Screen your content according to your country specifications. A set of templates for certain countries is delivered with the product and you create your own county-specific set of rules.

Shield - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Automatic Calculation

Machine-readable expertise

Draw conclusions of your screenings faster supported by Shield. You have full control of final screening results.

Shield - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Pre-Defined Age Classification

Increase your standardization

The annotation matrix allows a standardized age classification of each scene according to country-specific rule sets. This makes age ratings comparable and objective.

Shield - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Frame-by-Frame Accuracy

Know your content

Define each annotation frame by frame, so you always know exactly what your content contains. Shield automatically generates a thumbnail of each annotation and places it in your report.

Shield - CreateCtrl WebSuite

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